3D printing

6 materials • 6 colors • 6 tip sizes

Industrial 3D printing

large format

Highest process security and automation
with Multec Plus control
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Compact Move print head

Up to 6 nozzles

quick change and nozzle closure
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Multi-material 3D printing

6 hotends
can be freely combined

Nozzle change in a fraction of a second
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"With Multec, we at Ottobock experienced seamless integration into the world of 3D printing, with the high-speed print head playing a central role in increasing our productivity."
Ottobock Healthcare has set up a production line made up of Multec M800 high-speed printers in Duderstadt and developed an exciting use case for series production together with the Multec experts. Both special plastics and software developed specifically for the application were used

3D printing applications in orthopedics

prosthetic sockets




Positive forms


High-speed printing - ideal for orthopedics

4-fold print head 4Move - Made in Germany

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Multec references

ZF Passau

"By using additive manufacturing with the Multirap M500 from Multec, we achieve significant improvements in the throughput time in the production of equipment. Additional benefits lie in the significantly cheaper production and the lower weight.

Martin Grill, equipment designer

EMAG Maschinenfabrik GmbH

"EMAG has been using Multec's 3D printing technology in the construction process and process design since 2019. We also replace workpiece-dependent metal components with additively manufactured plastic parts with great added value in the production of complex geometries."

R. Silvestri, Manager of the demonstration and set-up center

Koenig + Neurath AG

"König+Neurath uses the additive technology of 3D printing as part of the design and development process for models and prototypes as well as in jig construction. We use different printers for different requirements. Our Multec M 800 is preferably used for large-volume parts. We particularly appreciate it here the continuous printing function"

Stefan Nebel, Head of Development Seating/Construction

Endress+Hauser Temperature+System Products

"We have been using the Multec M10 since 2019 and are very satisfied with the printer. The main area of ​​application is the creation of devices in the equipment area, e.g. laser tools for our marking lasers, assembly aids and holders in test equipment construction. We mainly use Multec PLA-HT filament because of its good technical properties and printability. Thanks to the good support from Multec and the use of new filaments, we were able to expand the range of applications."

Alexander Gast, Manufacturing Equipment Designer, Nesselwang site


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Industrial 3D printer - from the German manufacturer MULTEC

Multec has specialized in the development, production and sales of industrial additive production machines for 10 years.

Combining precision, durability and versatility, Multirap additive manufacturing systems meet all the requirements for safety , process monitoring and automation , and reliability for industrial use.

The core and trademark of Multec's FFF machines is the patented four-fold print head 4Move .

The 6 nozzles in the compact HEXAMOVE print head allow the combination of up to 6 different materials in one printing .

The innovative print head was awarded the German Industry Prize 2017 category.

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Multec 3D printer industry manufacturer

3D printing is no longer a future technology, but an everyday reality in numerous industries. Where workpieces used to be created by grinding, removing or milling, the devices of the 3D printer industry manufacturers are used today. These 3D printers create a three-dimensional object from a so-called filament, which is applied in layers.

The design options with a 3D printer made in Germany are almost limitless. Depending on the selected device, as a 3D printer industry manufacturer, we offer solutions for almost every project. As a 3D printer industry manufacturer, we always work according to the same basic principle. A three-dimensional template in STL (Standard Triangulation Language) format is required. Based on this, the desired object is created in the 3D printer.

Which sectors does Multec address as a 3D printer industry manufacturer?

A few years ago we were real pioneers as a 3D printer manufacturer in Germany. Many industries, which today manufacture their products with three-dimensional printing processes as a matter of course, still worked according to traditional methods at that time, which was time-consuming and often error-prone.

As a 3D printer industry manufacturer, we have now been able to convince numerous companies that 3D printing is much better for the production of prototypes, models and small series. In the meantime, our 3D printers have convinced Germany and industries from other countries.

One reason for this is that Multec as a 3D printer industry manufacturer, knows and serves the different requirements of the users. Depending on the product that is to be created using the 3D printing process, the use of a specific device makes sense. The filament used for printing also differs depending on the need.

Here are some examples of industries that we supply with our devices as a 3D printer industry manufacturer:


As a 3D printer industry manufacturer, we offer devices for prototype construction companies with which entire three-dimensional models of objects or other projects can be realized. Despite the ever-improving display on screens, everyone involved prefers a haptic model.

mold making

This industry has changed completely because of us as a 3D printer industry manufacturer. A 3D printer offers completely new possibilities in the field of mold production. The manufacturing process is significantly simplified. Small product series and molded parts are created much faster and cheaper with 3D printing. Companies with mass production in particular therefore benefit from 3D printing.

automation technology

Due to the progress in the field of 3D printing, 3D printer industry manufacturers are proving, especially in the field of automation technology, that this is an indispensable part of modern manufacturing processes. Much of the work is done much faster with the help of a 3D printer and without the need for manual intervention by employees. As a 3D printer industry manufacturer, we make a major contribution to automation in companies.

equipment construction

Operating resources are required for operational performance and are among the elementary production factors in this area. For example, tools and the right accessories play a decisive role in the construction of equipment. As a 3D printer industry manufacturer, our work helps ensure that processes and services are not only faster, but also easier to design and execute.

As a 3D printer industry manufacturer, we also offer you the right filament

We are not only a 3D printer industry manufacturer, but also offer you the perfect filament for the devices. Depending on the product you want to create, you can choose from the following filament types.

  • FDM plastics and metal
  • Food-safe plastics
  • Temperature-resistant plastics
  • High-strength plastics for technical functional parts
  • fiber reinforced plastics
  • Metal printing filament BASF Ultrafuse 316L

You can also get support material from the 3D printer industry manufacturer. The same is necessary for many three-dimensional printing projects in order to keep post-processing costs as low as possible.

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4-fold extruder Multex4Move wins


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