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Multec Machine manufacturer and 3D printing expert in plastic and metal

Multec - machine manufacturer and 3D printing expert

Additive manufacturing in plastic and metal

Multec has been specializing in the development of industrial additive production , materials and software .

The additive production systems Multirap have proven themselves in 24/7 use in industry and combine precision, durability and versatility.
They meet all the requirements for safety, process monitoring and automation, and reliability for industrial use.

The heart and trademark of Multec's FFF machines is the patented 4-way print head 4Move .

Innovative developments ensure the future viability of the Multirap machines, which is why Multec attaches great importance to retrofitting future innovations .

Technology partner and print service provider

Multec stands for honest and competent advice and support: Before, during and after getting started with the future technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication). We advise our customers on all questions relating to technology and application optimization and are at your side with training, service and support .

Our developments are also no exception when it comes to printing material: the Multec® filament series , which was developed with regard to environmental friendliness and food safety with excellent material properties own development and is constantly being expanded.



Innovation at Multec

The development of FFF printing technology is progressing rapidly, both in terms of technology and printing material. Multec accompanies you on this path and, with the sustainable Multirap system, offers the opportunity to remain state-of-the-art without making any new investments. Even if you have purchased your Multirap system from our sales partners, Multec is always your contact for service, training and all other questions about the technology.

Professional multiple printing thanks to the patented Multex4Move printhead technology


With the patented 4Move extruder, up to 4 colors/materials and nozzle sizes can be combined in one print. The unique system has oozing protection, which prevents inactive nozzles from dripping and thus enables complex components that are unthinkable with other FFF printers. Due to the possible combination of different nozzle sizes, time can also be saved with one-material printing by quickly printing inner areas with large nozzles and finely printing outer areas with small nozzles. The 4Move system also allows uninterrupted printing , even when a spool of filament has been used up. The printer detects the empty spool and (if previously configured by the user) can automatically switch to the next nozzle and continue printing with it.

filament development

Together with partners from the plastics industry and universities , we are active in filament development.

We attach great importance to sustainability and food-safe materials. We were able to introduce our high-temperature resistant and highly impact-resistant Multec PLA-HT several years ago. PLA-HT was developed with the aim of creating a food-safe replacement for ABS - we have succeeded in doing this, PLA-HT surpasses the mechanical properties of ABS, is food-safe and is better printable than ABS.

The latest development in filament development is Multec Carbon : a high-strength, fiber-reinforced polyamide filament.

Multec is constantly testing new materials and providing important impetus for material development. You want your colors or materials as filament? Here, too, Multec is your contact.

software development

A core competence is the further development of printer control and user interfaces. Multec has many years of know-how in the areas of firmware and HMI development and provides regular updates so that the printers are always up to date.

Process security and automation

Multec industrial printers have in-depth process monitoring and a high degree of process automation. An example here is the automated nozzle measurement, thanks to which the printer measures its geometry after a nozzle change, for example, and compensates for offsets between the individual nozzles.

Multec contact details

Multec GmbH
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