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Use case at ZF Passau - detailed description

The specialist magazine Ingenieur reports in detail on the production of equipment using metal 3D printing on Multirap M4 Metal: -and-save-enormous-costs


Metal printing unbeatably cheap

FFF / FDM process

With metal filament printing , 90% (by weight) of metal powder is embedded in the plastic.

Printing is carried out as with normal plastic filament, the metal powder is brought into shape with the binder polymer.

The printed component is referred to as a “green body”, and the printed part acquires metal sintering .

The advantages of filament metal printing

Good value for money

  • Very good value for money
  • Low investment costs (debinding and sintering possible as a service)
  • Machines used economically even with low utilization
  • also print plastics with low metal utilization
  • Material saving (no waste except support material)

Filament Metal Printing - Application example for price/cost of manufacture

geometric degrees of freedom

  • Geometries that are difficult or impossible to machine can be printed
  • Internal channels possible
  • Internal honeycomb structure -> weight savings

Prototypes or small series

  • much more efficient than machining and primary forming production , especially for small quantities
  • No fixture construction for production (clamping device, mold construction)
  • Ideal for non-metalworking companies -> in-house production of metal parts

Handling - occupational safety

  • Simple, uncomplicated handling (no disposal of powder, no waste material except supports)
  • No expensive disposal waste material
  • no metal particles, no risk of dust

post processing

  • Rework as with stainless steel possible without any problems
  • Simple post-processing already possible on the green part (e.g. grinding)
  • Sintered components can be post-processed in many ways (milling, turning, welding, ...)

sintering/debinding process

  • Proven debinding and sintering process (BASF Catamold Material)
  • external - without investment costs
  • alternatively: low-cost systems, eg from Xerion


Multirap M4 Metal - the special printer for metal printing and material combinations

  • 4-fold print head specialized for highly filled filaments (metal, ceramics, fibers)
  • Heated build space
  • High process security
  • High precision
  • machine safety


More about the M4 Metal


Metal printing process Filament printing
from 3D printing to debinding to the sintered metal part
from 3D printing to debinding to the sintered metal part
M4 metal multirap features

Multec's metal-plastic printer with 4-fold print head

Multec's metal-plastic printer with 4-fold print head
Metal pressure jig construction
sintered printed parts - left with weight reduction through infill structure
sintered printed parts - left with weight reduction through infill structure
Metal pressure green compact
Printed part before sintering
Printed part before sintering
metal pressure parts
use cases
use cases
Nock metal print
Internal channels
Internal channels
Honeycomb metal print
Weight saving through internal structures
Weight saving through internal structures
Application rocker arm
Complex internal structures
Complex internal structures
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Detailed document on metal printing for download:

In it you will find a lot of valuable information, from constructive tips and hints to the technological process to pressure parameters and strength values:

  • Construction- Material and Filament
  • sintering process
  • Printing Notes
  • achievable strengths

You can find the document for download here.


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