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6 materials • 6 colors • 6 tip sizes

4-fold print head 4Move - Made in Germany

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4-way print head 4Move

• 4 colors

• 4 materials
• 4 nozzle sizesNo oozing / dripping

The efficient and compact 4Move print head enables multiple prints without dripping, without cleaning runs and without material waste in the form of prime towers.

In addition, Multec supplies the intelligent thermal management heats up the nozzles - without waiting times and without waste towers - and then immediately cools them down again.

The revolutionary new development from Multec enables perfect 3D printing with up to 4 different materials and colors and/or nozzle sizes.

4-fold print head for multi-material prints with anti-drip and nozzle closure - anti-oozing in perfection



The intelligent design combines a sophisticated multiple filament feed with an elegant, compact multiple nozzle head.

This enables multiple prints without dripping and oozing, since only the active nozzle moves to the print position.
The other nozzles are parked behind a cover and do not disturb the print either by dripping or by contact with the print surface.

This solves the second major problem with previous multiple printing: the nozzles no longer move over the print image, only the printing nozzle is in action!

Oozing-free multiple prints in perfection


The Drip Problem (Oozing)

The main problem with printing with multi-extruders is the dripping of melted plastic from the nozzle that is not required, also known in technical circles as oozing. Various attempts to remedy the situation, such as pulling the material back into the print nozzle when not in use, only deliver unsatisfactory results - or create new problems. Furthermore, in the 3D printers used to date, multiple nozzles are at the same height, which is why the active nozzle and the inactive nozzle constantly move over the printed part, melting and smearing the plastic. Both processes lead to an unclean print image in which the different colors are mixed. Even when using different materials - for example using water-soluble filaments for support structures - this smearing causes extreme problems.

The solution


Multec delivers innovation for even more variety

With the 4Move , Multec delivers another innovation that makes 3D printing even more versatile and professional. In addition to using different colors, the 4Move offers the option of using different materials for a printed part or the support structures - and with a previously unknown clean printed image. For example, areas of a component can be made of flexible material and others made of rigid material in one printing process, which enables enormous versatility.

In addition, the 4Move the user undreamt-of freedom, because nozzles of different diameters can also be used in one and the same extruder.
This means that voluminous, large printed parts can be printed much faster.


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