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Support material 3D printing

• perfect material
separation • oozing-free
• no smearing
water-soluble support or Multec Smart Support

Multec Smart Support:

This new development from Multec is the ideal support material for PLA materials that can be easily broken away. Without residue and with a perfect surface at the support points.

Smart support in the Multec shop

So far, the solution when using two print heads was PVA, which is water-soluble but poses other major problems for the user. PVA is difficult to print and requires special storage so that it does not become unusable due to the absorption of humidity.

The solution to all these difficulties is the new SmartSupport material developed by Multec.

The special material is printed at 215-220°C (specifications for Multirap 3D printers) with the second nozzle and can be easily removed after the printing process without any rework. It is suitable as a support for PLA and PLA-HAT, because the natural predetermined breaking point allows Multec SmartSupport to be detached from the printed part very easily - without any effort, post-processing or break-off points. Due to the good printability, the support can be printed over a large area and thus creates a good and smooth surface quality. Multec SmartSupport is food-safe and - in contrast to PVA - is characterized by the simplest storage.

The advantages of SmartSupport can of course be ideally used with a multiple print head, such as the patented Multex4Move or Multex2Move from Multec. The revolutionary technology of these print heads makes it possible to process different materials in one print run - with unrivaled precision and cleanliness.  

Water soluble PVA material

Water-soluble support material is ideal for inaccessible areas such as internal channels or structures. The material offered by Multec can be found here in the shop

The easiest way to remove the support structures is to dissolve them in a water bath:

  • The water-soluble support material can be easily removed after printing without leaving any residue.

  • Non-toxic solutions are formed that can be disposed of with normal household waste water.

  • The Multec 4-way print head 4 Move is ideal for printing support material, as this ensures that the material is separated perfectly and voids or defects in the printed part are reliably prevented.

  • The water-soluble support material reduces the post-processing time enormously.



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