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4-fold print head 4Move - Made in Germany

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Multec industrial 3D printer - German manufacturer with FFF expertise

  • Multi-material printing, perfect printing with support materials thanks to the patented 4-fold print head
  • High-speed printhead for large-volume, fast prints
  • high-precision and automated industrial machines 
  • tried and tested in 24/7 use
  • minimized operating effort through fully automatic self-adjustment
  • non-stop automatic filament change
  • Plants certified according to all safety standards of product safety and the machine directives
  • Multec - your partner who produces in Germany
  • full spare parts and service availability
  • own material development and filament production according to your needs
  • Technology, material, software and product development engineers support you in all questions

M800 and M500 large-capacity industrial 3D printers, Multec offers a wide range of models with many options such as the high-speed print head. We will be happy to advise you on which device best suits your needs.


The core and trademark of the Multirap industrial printer is the patented quadruple print head 4Move .
The 4 nozzles in the compact print head are the basis for maximum versatility and allow the combination of up to 4 different materials in one printing process.

The integrated drip protection ensures the clean separation of the different materials.
In addition to material combinations, the print head allows the use of different nozzle sizes, which means that printing times can be reduced while maintaining the same high surface .

The print head also enables the Multec continuous printing mode, with which up to 4 x 3 kg of material can be processed continuously in one printing process without user intervention .

The innovative print head was awarded the German Industry Prize 2017 in the "Mechanical Engineering/Production" category



Multec advice

  • Printed part analysis of your requirement
  • cost optimization
  • Constructive optimization
  • the right machine for your product range
  • 3D scanner
  • reverse engineering
  • Material Advice
  • Training courses and seminars tailored to your needs

Multec printing service

Multec produces large-volume or multi-material printed parts to your order. Use the opportunity of Multec contract production to benefit from the great freedom and cost savings of 3D printing without investing.

You can find our service portal at:

 "The clean and faster multi-material printing with up to four materials is a real milestone in FFF technology."
Multec Managing Director Manuel Tosche 

The Multirap additive production systems combine precision, durability and versatility. They meet all the requirements for safety, process monitoring and automation, and reliability for industrial use.

Multirap 3D printer for industry

Industrial 3D printing is suitable for use in many different industries. In almost all areas of production, the 3D printer for industry is the technology of the future. Because industrial 3D printing means that the objects to be produced are no longer manufactured using subtractive processes such as milling of base material. Instead, the industrial 3D printer applies building material additively - that means layer by layer - in such a way that a three-dimensional object is created. The possibility of printing with different materials and the option of high-speed printing result in additional advantages. 3D printers for industry from Multec counteract the problems of too long production times and a limited production spectrum.

With the different printing techniques of a 3D printer for industry, the creative possibilities are almost limitless. Only the basic principle is always the same with the 3D industrial printer. Because the 3D printer works according to a three-dimensional template, which usually has to be in STL (Standard Triangulation Language) format.

In which sectors can you use an industrial 3D printer from the Multirap series?

3D printers for industry have long since become the common standard in numerous sectors. The three-dimensional printing process has proven to be particularly efficient, especially in the production of models, prototypes and product production in small series. Of course, the requirements for a 3D printer for industry depend on the industry and are therefore correspondingly individual.

That is why we have developed various 3D printers for industry with our Multirap devices, which cover a large number of different areas of application. Many of the 3D printers for industry can also be retrofitted, so that new developments can be installed at a later date. We will be happy to keep you up to date with the latest information on innovations, helpful tips and

events . Multirap 3D printers are already being used successfully in the following industries, among others:


Save time and development costs. Our prototypes are known for their fast turnaround time from idea to tangible design or functional prototype. This is so fast because several iterations can be made quickly and cheaply. At the end of 2019, a 3D-printed helicopter wind tunnel model at the request of the German Aerospace Center within 120 hours.

mold making

Thanks to the large-capacity 3D printer Multirap M800, large components can also be produced. 3D printing can save time and money, especially in mold making. To give you an idea of ​​the possible areas of application, we would like to use our 3D printed lamination mold for widening fenders in racing as an example.

In total, this took 18 hours to print per mold half.

equipment construction

Thanks to machines like the Multirap M500 FDM from Multec, companies in the production of equipment benefit from shorter throughput times, lighter and cheaper component carriers and lower production costs. This proves that additive manufacturing is not only useful in high-end industries.

Automation Technology & Robotics

Special gripper components can be manufactured inexpensively using industrial 3D printing. This opens up unimagined possibilities in the field of robotics research and automation technology for the production of precise and light components. This is how proven robot technology meets an innovative process.


Although you cannot 3D print entire buildings in original size with a Multirap 3D printer, you can create three-dimensional display models. You can then present this to builders, construction planners or craftsmen, for example. In the future, too, a haptic model will have clear advantages over display on the screen.


As a product or jewelry designer, you can significantly simplify your everyday work by using a 3D printer for industry. Give shape to your designs faster and easier than any other method. Depending on your individual work area, you can also use the 3D printer for industry to produce small product series using the 3D printing process.

spare parts production

In the case of older products or devices in particular, it is not always easy to obtain the spare parts required for repairs. The advantages that a 3D printer enables for industry were also evident at the beginning of the corona pandemic, when valves and adapters for ventilators were needed. With 3D printing, spare and wear parts can be produced easily and quickly.

furniture making

It can be assumed that furniture will continue to be manufactured in the tried and tested way in the future. The focus for using a Multirap 3D printer is primarily on the small parts required for this. Retaining pins for shelves, retractable screw elements or door handles are just a few examples of elements that can be produced in the 3D printer for industry.

Which filament does a Multirap 3D printer industry work with?

With a Multirap 3D printer you have the choice of different materials for printing. Depending on the area of ​​application, we have a wide range of filaments for industrial 3D printers at your disposal. You will receive from Multec:

  • FDM plastics and metal
  • High-strength plastics for technical functional parts
  • fiber reinforced plastics
  • Temperature-resistant plastics
  • Elastic plastics
  • Metal printing filament BASF Ultrafuse 316L

In addition, you will find support material and support material for the 3D printer for industry in the Multec Shop, which is elementary in many 3D printing applications. With this you keep the effort for a possible post-processing of the printed object extremely low.

Do you have any questions about 3D printing or the Multirap 3D printers?

Each of our 3D printers for industry corresponds to the current industry standards and meets the applicable safety guidelines and regulations according to the Machinery Directive and the Product Liability Act. Our Multirap series includes the Multirap M800 , the Multirap M500 and the Multirap M4 Metal . Depending on the model, you can expect a particularly large print area, various multiple print technologies, maximum precision and other highlights.

If you have any questions about 3D printers for industry, do not hesitate to send them to us. Simply get in touch with us and let the friendly and competent team of experts at Multec provide you with comprehensive advice. Of course, the advice is both free of charge and non-binding.

CAM software Simplify3D

Multec has been using the CAM software Simplify3D with great success for many years.
The software is delivered with the machines as a bundle. Our experts have written an excellent reference book on the software, which you can also obtain from Multec.

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