3D printing

6 materials • 6 colors • 6 tip sizes


Large-capacity 3D printer
with 4-fold print head

480 x 380 x 350mm installation space


Industrial machine for 24/7 use

Fully automatic filament change

Industrial machine for 24/7 use Fully automatic filament change

4 materials - 4 colors

4 nozzle sizes

4 materials - 4 colors 4 nozzle sizes

Print bed leveling and

Nozzle measurement fully automated

Fully automated print bed leveling and nozzle measurement

Elastic tire high-strength rim

and support material in a printing process

Elastic tire, high-strength rim and support material in one printing process

Perfect adhesion and

easy detachment of printed parts

Perfect adhesion and easy detachment of printed parts
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  • large filament stock
  • Automatic filament change
  • machine safety
  • Fully automated


Now with new Multec Plus and filament tracking!


Functional overview and highlights

  • Patented multiple print technology Multex2Move (2x print head) or Multex4Move (4x print head)
  • Multec Plus control with full volume flow monitoring and control - forget about under-extrusion!
  • Large print area 480 x 380 x 350 mm
  • Quick change nozzle system
  • Solid construction with recirculating ball spindles and fast industrial belt axes
  • In-depth process monitoring
  • Active build space heating optional
  • Filament monitoring with continuous printing function
  • Print bed leveling MultiSense
  • Automatic nozzle measurement
  • WebCam pressure monitoring
  • Siemens Industrial TouchPC (SIMATIC IPC377E)
  • cleaning station

The Multirap M500 is slightly smaller than the M800 , offers the same high-quality industrial , various features can be optionally upgraded here. It also comes up with optimal print quality, solid construction and the patented multiple print head 2Move (dual print head) optionally the 4Move (4-fold print head) . The base shown with offers an ergonomic working height and closed storage space for filament and accessories.

With its innovative technology, this multiple print head offers clean multiple printing with individually controlled nozzles for the first time. It enables an incomparable variety for additive manufacturing with up to 4 materials, 4 nozzle sizes, 4 colors or various combinations thereof.

The Multirap M500 is an industry standard FFF 3D printer with solid aluminum chassis, closed design, front door with door lock and emergency stop switch.

The construction corresponds to the safety guidelines according to the Machinery Directive and the Product Liability Act.




Technical specifications




materials plastics
Device dimensions (W x D x H) [mm] 1100x920x1200
weight [kg] 150
Print area (X x Y x Z) [mm] 480x380x350
Max. print volume [litres] 64
Number of filament magazine spools 4
Filament reserve [kg] / [ccm] 12 / 9.600
Max. print table temperature [°C] 100
number of nozzles 2-4
Max. nozzle temperature [°C] 275
min/max layer height [mm] 0,05-0,6





CAM software Simplify3D

Multec has been using the CAM software Simplify3D with great success for many years.
The software is delivered with the machines as a bundle. Our experts have written an excellent reference book on the software, which you can also obtain from Multec.

Multec contact details

Multec GmbH
Spitzäcker 2
88682 Salem


+49 (0) - 7554 - 2104482


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