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3D printing at Multec: Mercedes CLK scale 1:10

Model car M1:10 Mercedes CLK originally painted by the MB drift team

  dimension   45cm length  
  weight   670g  
  material   Multec PLA-HT  
  print time   52h  

For the MB drift team we printed a model car based on an original scan of the Mercedes CLK W208, which was then painted true to the original.

This 3D print is a good example of optimizing the surface without considering the printing time. The orientation was chosen so that all visible surfaces look good , although a lot of support structures are necessary : ​​The component itself weighs only 670g, the support structure 830g.

3D scan model car in Simplify3D on Multirap M800 printing table

Multec PLA-HT material , since the relatively thin-walled model must have good strength and temperature resistance (solar radiation). Good sandability is helpful for this, since the model should then be filled after the printing process.

Multec PLA-HT has 150% higher impact strength than ABS and comparable temperature resistance. And these benefits with virtually no warping/shrinking and no harmful substances . Furthermore, the material convinces with its recipe made from renewable raw materials without petroleum content and full biodegradability (also no dyes in the natural version).

The printing process of the model car is shown in the timelapse:

The MB drift team made a great video out of it, thank you for the great cooperation!


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