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mold making

3D printing deep-drawing mold made of Multec PLA HT

High-strength deep-drawing mold


300 x 140 x 100 mm (two mold halves printed)

  weight   1.5kg  
  material   Multec PLA-HT  
  print time   10 h with high-speed print head  

A deep-drawing form that illustrates how high-strength functional parts can be manufactured from Multec PLA-HT for various applications.

The mold shown here is loaded with 15 tons of force to deform the metal foil into a manifold shell. user here is a customer in racing who has been variety of highly stressed forms for these heat protection insulating Multirap M800

Multec PLA-HT is a real all-rounder filament for 3D printing: excellent printability, no warping, very high temperature resistance and food-safe. This is also shown by the strength values: PLA-HT has an impact strength that is 1.5 times greater than ABS and is food-safe, absolutely non-toxic:

Food-safe, temperature-resistant PLA-HT filament from Multec

The very good 3D printing behavior due to the best layer welding and very low warping tendency (shrinkage behavior), the material can be processed very well, even heating bed temperatures can be set very moderately at 50°C.

Weather resistance and temperature resistance, which in certain cases can be increased with tempering, are also very important properties. Our customers therefore also use the material for bicycle accessories, drones, advertising installations and functional parts in housing construction.

Lamination mold for fender flares 3D printing

Laminated fender flare racing

  dimension   1.4m x 300mm x 120mm  
  weight   1.6kg  
  material   Multec PLA-HT  
  print time   18 hours per mold half  

Metal printing at Multec:

The new Multec M4 Metal metal combination printer produces gear housings made of 316L stainless steel for ZF Passau.

This workpiece holder was printed in two variants for the production device at ZF Passau:

  • one with a material-saving internal structure
  • once as a solid material

More photos:

We would like to thank ZF Passau for the excellent cooperation on this project and the BASF team for the helpful support.

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